AutoSave: like a crock-pot, but for money

“Set it and forget it.” That was the tagline from a cheesy, old crock-pot infomercial from back in the day… but hey, it turns out crock-pots were pretty great. The idea back then was that you could throw all your ingredients in a pot and come back later for a magically hot, perfectly delicious dinner. With Long Game’s new AutoSave, you can, once again, set it and forget it and come home to a hot, juicy pile o’ savings.

Here’s how it works; we ask you when you want to save, how much, and how often. We help you set up a deposit into your Long Game Savings account, at just the right times so that you’re most likely to save, and least likely to feel any hardship. Our members had been asking for an easy way to manage their savings without having to think about it each paycheck, and we listened and built out the AutoSave feature to be as easy and efficient as, well, a crock-pot.

Along with AutoSave, this week we launched a bunch of other product updates designed to make savings and playing even smoother for our members. We’ve made sure that our “Help” section is easy to find throughout the app, so anyone with questions can quickly connect with our support team. We streamlined our onboarding experience to help new Long Gamers get into the games and earning coins more quickly. And we restructured behind the scenes to make sure that members can easily find exactly what they need in the app.

We’re super excited about the cool new features we’ve launched and what’s coming down the pike here at Long Game — no spoilers, but let’s just say that there were squeals of glee around the office when we reviewed our Earth Day features…

So get ready for fun times with Long Game, and in the meantime set up your AutoSave, sit back, and enjoy the delicious feeling of knowing that you’re saving smart.

Long Game