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At Long Game we believe in the blockchain dream. In time, this technology will most likely change the ways we transact, build our companies, and distribute capital. With Long Game you can win free crypto and get your crypto fix without any risk, plus our education section is here to help you get a feel for where this important technology is taking us.

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Long Game, the free finance account that uses games and rewards to keep you to saving, is now rewarding savers with free crypto with Crypto Rewards. Along with providing an education portal about crypto assets and chances to earn free crypto, Long Game is providing safe, no-risk access to the upside of crypto without the risk of investing your own money.

Save with your FDIC-insured, interest-bearing Long Game finance account, and as you reach your financial goals you’ll earn chances to play games and win cash and crypto. Plus, as you stay active and level-up in Long Game you’ll earn free crypto assets. Long Game has selected high-quality crypto assets, including ETH, BTC, BAT and ZRX, for users to earn and win, and is providing education about these assets and blockchain technologies in general.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are powerful new technologies and are transforming the economy, but investing in crypto is still risky. With Crypto Rewards Long Gamers experience the upside of crypto markets without the risk of investing your own money. It’s the safe, responsible way for users to join in on the crypto money train.


Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only. Long Game is not a registered investment adviser or broker-dealer. Long Game does not recommend any security or token, and this is not an offer to sell or buy any token. All investing involves risk and investments may lose value. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Long Game is not affiliated with any token or its sponsors. Some people working at Long Game might own tokens..


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