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The Vision

The mission of Ethereum is nothing less than to completely transform our global technology infrastructure and become the new computing system for the world.

Ethereum has created a system that uses blockchain to eliminate the need for servers. That means that we don’t have to send our data through a centralized hub. The vision is that by using this decentralized system all apps could run without any possibility of being interfered with. So no fraud, no censorship, no hacking, and no external controls.

The Ether token is used to drive the activity on the Ethereum system, acting like gas for the Ethereum platform. It is also traded heavily as investors bet on the future value the project, assuming that as Ethereum becomes more important to more industries the Ether token will be more valuable.

The Pros

Ethereum is widely adopted for a good reason- it is a remarkably versatile platform that is being used to build applications for a wide range of use cases. It is the backbone for many distributed projects in development, potentially becoming a key to transforming global industries. In addition, the currency Ether is one of the most trusted, well established currencies in market and is well positioned to continue as a leading asset as the crypto landscape evolves.

The Cons

Like with all decentralized systems there is a concern that the no external controls, absolute privacy and anonymity aspects of Ethereum makes it open to being used for corrupt or unethical activity.

Additionally, Ethereum has struggled with disagreements around technical decisions and the competing factions could potentially create competing sub-systems.

What’s Next?

Ethereum is one of the premier platforms in the crypto space, with countless applications being built on this system. The Ether token is in active trading and is one of the few cryptocurrencies that the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has informally declared to be safe from current regulatory concerns.

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