Why use crypto/blockchain?

Long Game, the free savings account that uses games and rewards to keep you to saving, is now rewarding savers with free crypto with Crypto Rewards. Along with providing an education portal about crypto assets and chances to earn free crypto, Long Game is providing safe, no-risk access to the upside of crypto without the risk of investing your own money.

Save with your FDIC-insured, interest-bearing Long Game savings account, and as you reach your financial goals you’ll earn chances to play games and win cash and crypto. Plus, as you stay active and level-up in Long Game you’ll earn free crypto assets. Long Game has selected high-quality crypto assets, including ETH, BTC, BAT and ZRX, for users to earn and win, and is providing education about these assets and blockchain technologies in general.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are powerful new technologies and are transforming the economy, but investing in crypto is still risky. With Crypto Rewards Long Gamers experience the upside of crypto markets without the risk of investing your own money. It’s the safe, responsible way for users to join in on the crypto money train.

Why use crypto/blockchain?

Crypto assets have many advantages, including:

  • They do not require a single, centralized authority
  • They can be open and accessible
  • They are highly secure

New applications of crypto and blockchain technologies are being built every day, and we expect these systems to radically transform industries from finance to marketing to healthcare.