International Women’s Day

I just wanted to thank y’all so much! I’m a struggling single mom and this app is great for someone like me. I am a bartender and server, with not a lot set up for life for me or my daughter, which scares me to death. I was never taught how to finance or save so I am terrible at it. This helps me MORE THAN Y’ALL KNOW!

Cate from North Carolina

This is why Long Game exists.

It’s International Women’s Day and people and organizations all over are talking about all the amazing ways women have changed and improved the world.

We love celebrating the social, cultural, and economic achievements of women, and we also find ourselves here at Long Game thinking about the realities facing most women today.

Like Cate’s family, there are nearly 10 million single-mother led families today, and one in four American children are being raised by a single mom. In these households (and even in many two-parent households) women are responsible for the family’s financial management — making most purchasing decisions and paying the bills.  These women carry this emotional and financial burden while earning $0.80 to every dollar earned by their male peers.

Looking into Long Game’s data, we see this gender discrepancy mirrored in savings account balances: the average balance of a woman’s Long Game savings account is 0.76 that of a man’s.

This reminds us that we – as a company and a society – need to remain vigilant in our efforts to be inclusive and engaging to everybody. To be clear, we’re proud of all of Long Game’s savers: hard working people, hustling, frankensteining together gigs, doing what we need to do to get ahead. But we don’t ignore inequality and we think women can be at savings parity (and income parity) with men.

This gives us more motivation to continue to make it easier for people like Cate to start building smart money habits for her and her daughter’s future. Thank you to Cate for sharing your story and inspiring us to keep building a product that is truly accessible to all Americans. To hard-working women everywhere: Happy International Women’s Day. We see you, we believe in you, and we’re here with you.


Yours always,
Lindsay, Long Game CEO