Introducing Crypto Rewards

Get that crypto fix without any of the risk.

Introducing Crypto Rewards where you can earn free crypto as a reward for saving. It’s the safe, responsible way to join in on the crypto money train.
Here’s how it works: stay active saving and Level-Up with Long Game and you’ll earn free crypto assets. We’ve selected tokens from exciting crypto and Ethereum blockchain projects that we’re giving users as a reward for staying on the smart savings path.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain projects are powerful new technologies and are transforming the economy, but investing in crypto is still risky. With Crypto Rewards Long Gamers experience the upside of crypto markets without the risk of investing your own money.

Plus, learn all about your new tokens in our crypto education portal. We’ll provide the straightforward info you need to know to educate yourself about blockchain, cryptocurrecny, and the crypto assets you’ll earn with Long Game Crypto Rewards, from ETH to BAT to ZRX.

We’ve updated our terms and conditions with all the new crypto-details.