Senior Game Designer

Long Game is looking for an experienced game designer to manage a high-growth mobile app that spans the worlds of financial services and casual mobile gaming, driving high engagement, financial achievement, and viral growth.

Long Game is a new type of financial app with an emphasis on user engagement and rewarding users for positive financial behaviors. The primary interaction on Long Game today is that users play simple games of chance where the user can win cash (no money is at risk). The user gets a chance to play these game by saving their own money in a Long Game savings account. Long Game is expanding into other financial products and is adding to the team to support the design of the interface, rewards and games around new financial products.

What you’ll do:

  • Create and evolve game mechanics (including overarching metagame and leveling mechanisms) to meet product and business goals
  • Have a deep understanding of gaming metrics and continuously drive them upward by iterating of features, tuning economies, adding new interactions
  • Devise new strategies for organic and viral growth via social and gaming initiatives
  • Perform user research and play testing when needed — discover key user insights and confirm optimal design
  • Work with internal and external designers on various product and company branding initiatives
  • Be a team player and actively add to our company culture

What you’ll need:

  • Strong relevant experience and domain expertise in mobile game mechanics
  • Robust data and analytics chops and a metrics-driven approach to iteration and improvement (ability to know what data we need, figure out how to get it, and effectively use it to drive smart decisions)
  • Familiarity with industry best practice and user research
  • Strong communication, leadership, and persuasive skills
  • Commitment to our unique set of priorities as a personal finance company
  • Personal alignment with Long Game’s mission

Competitive salary and early-stage equity. To apply, please email [email protected] and include your CV and a link to your website. Feel free to include any additional details in the body of your email.

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