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What is Long Game?

  • Long Game offers a turn-key Prize-Linked Savings app for banks — designed to grow core deposits, cross-sell products, increase customer engagement, diversify customer demographic, and increase new accounts.
  • As users save into their personalized Savings Jars they are rewarded with Coins, which they use to play games in the app for cash prizes.
  • Games are fun, lightweight interactions modeled on the most popular games in America, such as lotteries, scratchers, and mobile games.
  • There’s no risk, users cannot lose money and all money is stored in their bank.

How Long Game Works

  • Download the app and create an account.
  • Securely link your bank account by logging in with your credentials. 
  • Get rewarded for saving and reaching your goals with Coins to play games in the app, with prizes including cash (up to $1,000,000).

Did You Know?

  • 63% of Americans do not have enough money saved to cover an unexpected $500 expense.
  • 57% of Americans play the lottery with an average annual spend of $584/person. That adds up to a whopping $70 billion spent on the lottery each year.
  • The mobile game industry generated $40.6 B in revenue in 2016
  • Around $59 billion has already been saved globally through “Prize-Linked Finances” products (in UK, Australia, South Africa.)
  • We spend billions of dollars on mobile games and lotteries, but we’re not saving for our futures
  • Banks have yet to figure out a way to encourage saving across all income levels and especially those that are financially vulnerable.

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