Senior Backend Engineer

Senior Backend Engineer

Long Game is looking for a talented and collaborative Senior Backend Engineer to join our team. You will have a high level of ownership over our Node.js application architecture, AWS-based infrastructure, and emerging DevOps toolset. We’re a new type of fintech startup with an emphasis on user engagement and rewarding users for positive financial behaviors. The primary interaction on Long Game today is that users play simple games of chance where the user can win cash (no money is at risk). The user gets a chance to play these games by saving their own money in a Long Game savings account.

We use games to promote real-world financial progression for our users. This is your opportunity to work on something that has never been done before that will help people to feel in control of their financial lives.

What you’ll do:

  • Build and maintain the Node.js backend of the Long Game application
  • Configure and continuously improve Long Game’s fully AWS-based infrastructure (EC2, PostgreSQL RDS, ElastiCache, 10+ other services)
  • Monitor system health, and implement key processes/tools for devops & monitoring
  • Work to identify & close security gaps, and periodically collaborate with external security experts
  • Help ensure that our overall tech stack delivers the best possible user experience
  • Actively shape our early technology and company culture
  • Get involved with our React Native-based frontend if you’re rocking everything else above and you’re so inclined!

What you’ll need:

  • 4+ years engineering experience, including release & on-call support of a web service with 10,000+ users
  • Experience with most of the relevant technologies (Node.js, AWS-based infrastructure, PostgreSQL)
  • Experience with security-critical code & infrastructure configuration
  • A product-first approach to building software (you care about the real-world functionality of your code)
  • A practiced belief that code must be well tested
  • Willingness / ability to quickly learn new technologies as necessary
  • Personal alignment with Long Game’s mission

Please email [email protected] with a resume. Please include links to games you’ve worked on and a short summary of your work in the body of your email.

About Us:  

Most Americans feel awful about our finances, and we’re changing that.  We’re a new banking app, and we take advantage of mechanics from fields like mobile gaming and behavioral economics to make it fun and rewarding for members to save money.

Our members create savings accounts and are rewarded with Coins, which can be used to play games on our mobile app — the more you save, the more Coins you earn and the more chances you have to play. Play a fun mobile game, maybe win some cash, and build your savings account at the same time– that’s Long Game.