Things We Love: Savings, Slot Machines and Pineapples

Yeah, we said pineapples.

You know we love savings because, well, we’re Long Game Savings and our whole mission is to make savings fun and rewarding. And you could probably guess that we love slot machines because we love games, and slot machines are some of the most popular games in America.
At Long Game we know that slot machines are a ton of fun– we all love the thrill of playing and winning big– so we built the very first slot machine with the Long Game difference; you don’t lose any money.  With Long Game all our games, including our brand-new slot machine game, are designed to be fun and exciting with great chances to win, all while making it easy to build your savings.

Every dollar you save with Long Game is safe, secure and earning interest.  And the best part? That’s right, you can’t lose ANY money with Long Game. Our savings accounts are FDIC insured and earn up to 10x the interest of many major banks.  The Long Game magic recipe is that we reward you with Coins for saving money, and the more Coins you earn the more games you can play.

So watch the emojis roll by, cross your fingers, murmur “big money…” under your breath and hope for the magic jackpot sound.  And know that win or lose you’re doing the smart thing by your money by saving with Long Game.