Special Promotions

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Signup Bonus
For a limited time, users are eligible to receive 200,000 coins from completing the onboarding experience. They immediately get 100,000 coins for connecting their bank account and another 100,000 coins for making their first deposit (or setting up autosave).

Instant Coin Bonus
For a limited time, when you complete a savings mission between $0 and $280, you will receive an instant coin bonus of 10 times your daily coin earning rate. This bonus is given once per mission (balance level), and the balance levels for which you receive this bonus are: $10, $20, $30, $40, $55, $70, $85, $100, $120, $140, $160, $180, $200, $230, $250 and $280.

Direct Deposit Bonus
For a limited time, if you set-up Direct Deposit when applying for your Long Game Debit Card, you will receive a one time Direct Deposit Bonus of One Million (1,000,000) coins. Note that this only applies to users who activate Direct Deposit in the Debit Card onboarding flow. Users who choose to add Direct Deposit later will not be eligible for this offer.

Card Activation
For a limited time, if you activate your Long Game debit card, you will receive a card activation bonus of Fifty-Thousand (50,000) coins.

Debit Card Roundup Bonus
For a limited time, If you active roundup for your Long Game Debit Card, you will receive One Hundred (100) coins for every cent rounded up.

Long Game Roundup rules: If you activate roundup, we will round up your purchase to the nearest whole number and place the spare change into your default savings jar. Ex: if you buy a cookie of $3.40, we round it up to $4.00 and automatically place $0.60 into your default savings jar. If the cookie costs $3.00 (a whole number), we will round it up to $4 and place $1 into your default Jar.

Affiliate Referral Program
Affiliate coin bonus will be deposited within 24 hours of completing an offer. Offers subject to change at any time. Long Game reserves the right to refuse or rescind any incentives deemed fraudulent or based on inaccurate information.