Winner Spotlight: Bryan

“I can see, it works. It makes me want to keep playing and playing. Knowing that I won’t lose money is crazy.” – Bryan, 19, won $1,000 playing Long Game

Bryan, 19, won $1,000 playing Long Game

Earlier this week Lindsay was shouting at her desk, “This is AMAZING”  We ran over and joined her listening to Bryan, our very first $1,000 winner, as he told us all about his big win with Long Game.  And yeah, we’ve got to agree– this IS amazing.

Of course we all know that building smart money habits is hard.  And we know that winning money is awesome.  What Bryan reminded us all is that Long Game actually works! That, just like Bryan, anyone can take that special combination of smart decisions and good old fashioned luck, and with Long Game can turn that into a better financial future.

Bryan is one of many Long Game savers– originally from the Dominican Republic, he’s 19 years old and lives in Indianapolis, working hard at the local airport. He’s a smart guy who is planning for his future.

“I’m saving for my future, hopefully buying a new house,” Bryan said. He knows that the right tools can help him make the best decisions with his money, so he likes using apps and he’s an early adopter of Long Game.

He realized early on that with Long Game it’s easy to save, so he used it… and it paid off for him. Not only did he save, but he WON $1,000 on Long Game by playing the Spin-To-Win game in our app.

“When I saw I won that prize, I was like ‘Oh my God.’ I had to close the app and reopen it just to believe it. Looking at it, I said to myself, ‘I just saved more money than I did all last year.’”

Bryan won $1000, which is amazing, and if he keeps saving he could win again. Our games make it fun and easy to build smart money habits because it’s simple: You save money with Long Game, and the more you save the more chances you get to play fun games on your phone and win cash prizes.  You can win up to $1 MILLION dollars, and you never lose a dime.

Bryan had a piece of advice for anyone playing the lottery: “…just play this. You won’t lose your money, but at the same time you will be playing games, which is why you like it.”

Thanks Bryan for giving us all a reason to shout “This is AMAZING!!”