Winner Spotlight: Sam


Sam’s the man we all wish we could be: smart and lucky.  

Why’s he so smart? Well, because he’s a Long Gamer and that’s pretty much the same thing as smart.

Why’s he so lucky? Because he won $1,000 playing Spin-to-Win game on Long Game. His. Very. First. Try.

That’s right. Sam opened up the Long Game app and deposited $20 in his new saving account. He then used his sign-up coin bonus to try out one of our games. And, on his very first spin, he won. Big. $1,000.

Awesome, right? We thought so, which is why we called him up to chat and hear how it feels to be so darn lucky.

“I won on my first play!
I put in $20 and that was it.  
It was literally on my first try.” Sam

“Yeah, I won on my first play!” Sam said, laughing.  “I put in $20 and that was it.  It was literally on my first try.” Sweet.

Apparently, he read about us on Facebook and thought “…you know what, why don’t I just give it a try to see how it works?” he told us.  “And that played out in my favor.”

And this gets us back to Sam’s smarts: Despite his great luck, Sam is not a big lottery or scratch-off player, because he knows that with those you usually lose money.  And that’s why Long Game works for him: “Playing a game and saving money?  Normally what I know is the opposite of that…” he said.    

Living in Long Beach and working at UCLA in health information management, Sam’s been working on saving and investing, so he knows the power of long-term savings and interest.  “Saving over a long period of time is good…” but ”…I can’t really object to the idea of winning money,” he said with a laugh. “I think it’s a great way of getting money!” And he especially likes that unlike throwing away money on the lottery, with Long Game “in the long term it’s not disappearing, it’s actually gaining more interest.”

Getting the fun of cash prizes plus the satisfaction of building for your financial future, all without ever losing any money?  Maybe that’s more than luck, maybe that’s a different kind of magic… the magic of Long Game.

Whatever the case, may we all be as smart and lucky as Sam…